Roles And Functions Of CDA

i. To implement the decision to transfer the Capital of Tanzania to Dodoma.

ii. To prepare plans for the development of Dodoma as the Capital of Tanzania and submit the same to the president, and further to implement the plans approved by the president.

iii. To carry out and effect the necessary development of Dodoma so as to renderthe same suitable for the Capital of Tanzania.

iv. To advise and assist the Government on orderly transfer to Dodoma of various Government Institutions and other public officers.

v. To acquire and hold, subject to the directions of the president, land and other immovable properties.

vi. To provide any service or facilities which any ministry, Department or division of the Government, any public corporation or other parastatal institution, or any company, firm or other person may require for an orderly transfer of its business, activities, and personnel to Dodoma.

vii. To do anything or to enter into any transaction which, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, is calculated to facilitate the proper and efficient carrying of its activities and the proper performance of its functions.

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