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In October 1973 the people of Tanzania decided by referendum to shift the National Capital of Tanzania from Dar-es-Salaam to Dodoma, at the geographical centre of the country, in Central Tanzania. It was decided that Dar-es-Salaam would remain the chief port and commercial capital of the nation.

This decision presents one of the toughest development challenge the nation has ever undertaken. It requires the relocation of government functions and resources and execution of a major comprehensive infrastructure and construction effort; and the establishment of a full range of civil functions.

Development of the new National Capital further presents a significant opportunity for economic and social development, providing employment and services within the new Capital Developing a strong regional centre will spur the development of the surrounding economically and socially backward region. Apart from social, economic and financial advantages that the development

of the National Capital will generate, the creation of a National Capital that meets the needs and aspirations of the people, is an important expression of the national will and identity, and undoubtedly has significant impact on the political and social structure and life of the nation.

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